Wednesday, 28 January 2009


  1. Guys,

    From an occupier of the cambridge law faculty I'd just like to say well done!
    just remember when you are negatiating that if you stay strong there are only two outcomes:
    1.) the university agree to all of your demands or at least to your satisfaction


    2.) they have to call in the pigs and have you physically ejected. For this eventuallity have your press team draft a press releif stating that the university has ejected (a) peaceful and non-violent protester/protesters

    Also coming straight from the cambridge blog I'm amazed at the lack of agressive nutters. We've had one guy say that he hopes we all choke to death on cous cous.

    No War But A Class War

    Sam Wade
    Factory worker and occupier

  2. Actually, the Director this morning declared that what they are doing is perfectly legal, which it is. Shocking, I know and in a room full of witnesses. I hope they get it in writing.

  3. interestingly critics are saying that the vice principal is 'on the warpath' when in fact he has been nothing but very friendly and supportive?