Friday, 30 January 2009

Important Planning Meeting

There will be an important planning meeting taking place tomorrow, Saturday 31st of January, at 3.00pm in room 1.13.
Please make every effort to attend.


  1. I think it's disgusting. When Georgia was invaded there wasn't all this fuss. More people have been killed in clashes in eastern europe than the minor scuffle in Gaza. You people should be ashamed of yourselves you disgusting individuals. You are ruining other peoples education to further your own beliefs. No one else cares. You didn't protest for others because it didn't relate to you, and now you expect others to fall in line and join you. You hypocrites.

  2. If you want to debate this with me add my msn or visit my website and leave me a comment,, though try to make your arguement coherent. I realise since you have no idea of rational thoughts and such like this will be hard, but make the effort dipshits.

  3. Both of you are more than welcome to come along to any of our meetings and discuss your thoughts.

    We would expect you to keep it civil though, ie "dipshits" may not be the most appropriate form of addressing us.

  4. Oooh look - a troll! i've never seen one in the wild before!

    'Internet', you're right that there are other issues around the world that people should also think about but, please, just take your aggressive and insulting ramblings elsewhere.