Friday, 30 January 2009

QM Academic Support

Members of staff from Queen Mary have expressed their support for the Occupation:

(this list will be constantly updated as messages come to us)

Professor Donald Sassoon (Comparative European History)

I share your sense of outrage for the unjustifiable Israeli onslaught on the people of Gaza. I hope that a settlement similar to that reached at Kings (and, I think, at the LSE) can be reached also at QM. I will try to visit FB113 on Wednesday if the occupation is still on.

Dr. Miran Epstein (Senior Lecturer in Medical Ethics and Law, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry)

Please be aware that not all Israelis support the recent crimes of their government. I, for example, give my full support to you.

Jacqueline Rose

Dr. Stefan Schwarzkopf (School of Business and Management)

It's great to see that political passion and the care for the suffering of other people is alive and well among QMUL students. I whole-heartedly support your actions.

Dr Richard Saull (Lecturer in International Politics)

I share your concerns, in particular with the highly disproportionate Israeli military assault on Gaza, (especially its consequences in the huge numbers of civilian deaths and injuries caused by Israeli forces) in response to rocket attacks on southern Israel (which themselves are no justification for Israeli actions) and the continuing blockade of the Gaza Strip and its humanitarian consequences.

I have some sympathy with your occupation and your expression of solidarity, as well as some of your demands.

Dr Madeleine Davis (Lecturer - Political Ideas and Hispanic and Latin America)

Good to see the occupations making the news - you've probably seen this already
best of luck!

Dr. Roberto Veneziani (Lecturer in Economics)

Dear occupants

What happened in Gaza is terrible. The suffering of a man in some part of the globe is the suffering of all men everywhere in the globe.

I am abroad at the moment but next week I will definitely come to FB 1.13 to one of your meetings.

Costa Dimitriou (LLU)

Hello activists,

I've already visited and I am happy to see your concern for this issue.
Many of my colleagues are also participating in various activities like the speeches.

I've seen your blog and you are apparently asking the Uni to send amongst other things, some computer parts. If this helps, the loading dock of Francis Bancroft building has a pile of older computer stuff which is just lying around.

best of luck from your neighbours.

Costa Dimitriou
Language and Learning Unit


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  2. Dr. Matteo Mandarini (School of Business and Management)

    I offer my complete support and backing to your actions. The wanton murder of innocents and the continuing illegal occupation of Palestinian territory is something around which students, academics and staff at QM must continue to mobilise.

    Best wishes to you all.

  3. May we live in a world where we respect blood more than oil.

    I support your awareness of the injustice of the occupation of the Palestinian land

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