Monday, 23 February 2009

Victory at Extraordinary General Meeting!

At an EGM Yesterday, (Tues 24) at 6pm, we successfully passed a list of 9 motions with a complete majority! Thank you to all the students who turned up to vote. The full is shown below...

Again thank you for all your support, and don't forget to attend our weekly meetings on Monday, at 4pm in FB113.


1. To support a day of fundraising for humanitarian relief for Gaza, with all proceeds to be given to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC).
2. To pressure the university to send surplus equipment and to organise, through the Union, to provide logistical support for the collection of this aid.
3. To join the global Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement by
divesting from Israel and boycotting all companies that support or benefit from
the Israeli occupation and lobbying the University to adopt a similar BDS policy
towards Israel, and to build links with student unions and other trade unions who
adopt a BDS policy.
4. To condemn the University for its lack of progress in divesting from arms
companies and ending all research in weapons manufacturing. And to adopt a
stronger approach with the university on this issue.
5. To send a letter to the BBC condemning their refusal to air the DEC appeal for
Gaza, and to place the appeal advert in Cub, QM Messenger and on the home
page of the QMSU website, until the appeal is closed.
6. To send a message of support to occupations around the country that have
shown solidarity with the people of Gaza, condemned the Israeli attacks and
opposed the siege of Gaza.
7. To send a public message of solidarity to the Islamic University in Gaza, whose
campus has been virtually destroyed, and publish it in Cub and QM Messenger.
8. To pressure the university to provide 5 fully paid scholarships for Palestinian
students in recognition of the complete destruction of many educational
facilities in Gaza as a result of the Israeli bombing campaigns.
9. To declare unequivocal support for the occupation and Queen Mary Stop the
War Coalition so far as it keeps the current demands, remains non-violent and
maintains its intention not to disrupt the education of peers. To support and aid
Queen Mary Stop the War Coalition in its negotiations with the university. To
support all students and staff so far as they face any repercussions.

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