Saturday, 21 February 2009

Letter of Solidarity

Greetings to Queen Mary Students Occupying in solidarity with the struggle of Gaza!

We are writing to you as a Collective of Artists, Activists and Organizers called the 'Friends of CAIS Maloka and the International School for Bottom Up Organizing' (ISBO) - sending you a message of solidarity and congratulations on the success of your Occupation!
We are moved and encouraged by your radical organizing and occupations and would love to come and meet with you!
Our Collective is comprised of young Radicals from a Latin American Experimental Arts & Activist group - 'New Generation' . Two of our comrades have returned to Colombia to set up a Social Action and Research Centre (CAIS Maloka) in the rural areas close to Cali. CAIS Maloka is also part of the 'International School for Bottom Up Organizing' (ISBO) as we are, which trains Young Activists in Radical Organizing - working with the people 'on the bottom' to take charge of their own lives and struggles.
We're attaching our info leaflet to share with you who we are, what we are doing, and why. We are busy organizing solidarity and support for our comrades in Colombia and the Organizing School; to support the work in the ground in Colombia, to send resources to the School for its next Organizing School in May in Jamaica enabling folks to Activists to fly up from Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico and Venezuela, and to raise funds for a delegation of us to go on a solidarity visit to Colombia in November.

Sending Solidarity and good energy!
the Friends of CAIS Maloka and ISBO Collective

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