Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Keep emailing the Principal

Keep sending your emails to the principal in support of the demands we have proposed so that we can get the best possible result! p.e.ogden@qmul.ac.uk


  1. This is harrassment - the man is just trying to do his job and by the looks of it has responded in a very reasonable fashion. Rational discussion and debate is one thing - incitement to bombard someone's inbox in this way is quite another and a tactic you should be ashamed of.

  2. how many hits have you gotten on your blog so far?

  3. In response to the numerous queries we have had about how people can voice their sentiments to the university management, we suggest that people contact the university either through:

    - Calling the university switchboard directly on 0114 225 5555,

    - Sending an email to the following:

    Vice Chancellor's PA: FAO Phillip Jones r.vyse@shu.ac.uk

    Secretary's PA: FAO Liz Winders l.c.taylor@shu.ac.uk

    In order that we can verify numbers of people registering complaints/sentiments should the University prove unwilling to divulge this information, you may CC or BCC your message to makeyourvoiceheardsheffhallam@googlemail.com, though there is no obligation to do so.